Brief History

The Koitaleel Samoei University College (KSUC) was formed through a Legal Notice as a College of the University of Nairobi. In the mirror image of the mentoring university, KSUC will have 7 campuses, one in each sub-county of the Nandi County, and a Teaching Hospital.

The University Collge currently offers Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), Master's in Education (M.ED), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Bachelor of Education - Arts (B. Ed. Arts),  Bachelor of Education - ECE (B. Ed. ECE.) and Diploma in Early childhood Education (ECE.). All these programmes have been approved by the Commission for University Education (CUE).

The Foundation of Freedom and Justice

Right at the gate, the manifestation of the spirit in which the University was founded is evident. The mentoring institution, The University of Nairobi’s presence can be felt with the familiar colors of blue and white coating the institution. The majestic writings with the University Logo creates a welcoming effect to the passersby and guests visiting the university. The friendly security officers are not only ready to usher one in but also ensure security. They may be a little tough in Covid-19 protocols but this is just for the interest of everyone’s safety.

The Koitaleel Samoei University College is named after the famous Nandi Orkoiyot who resisted the colonial rule until his demise on 19th October 1905. He put up the longest and the most sophisticated resistance that forced the British Colonial leaders to coerce him in to a peace pact that ended up in his demise. It is in this same spirit of resilience that the university adopted the shield and the two spears in the logo. The Lion is the totem of the Talai clan, from which Koitaleel Arap Samoei came.

The athlete on the right side of the logo captures the source of world athletic champions that have consistently put Kenya above nations. This is also the niche’ of the University that intends to develop courses on sports science and management. This will empower the sporting community in acquiring the necessary skills in their respective areas of specialization. Strategic partnerships with world’s best Universities in Sports Science and Management are currently ongoing. The partnerships will foster cooperation in curriculum and infrastructure development.

The Hill and the leaves represents the beautiful vegetation that is ever green. Nandi is known as among the leading tea producers in Kenya, Nandi-Hills being at the heart of it. The rains are moderately spread across the year thus bringing the best out of Nandi County’s fertile land. The book and the light sums up the contents of the logo due to the impact that the university will eventually bring to Nandi County. A learned society will definitely shine as a result of the socio-economic activities that will result from the establishment of the University.

“Et fons libertate et justitiae” is Greek statement meaning “The Foundation of Freedom and Justice”. This motto propels the dream that the legend, Koitaleel Arap Samoei had. He believed in the freedom of his people and ensured that justice was done to all. It is the intention of Koitaleel Samoei University College to provide a platform that will empower the community in to all forms of socio-economic freedom in a just environment. The ease of access to education and catalyzed socio-economic activities will definitely avail the desired environment for freedom and justice.