On 24th November 2020 is when the record breaker of the Marathon INEOS 1:59:59 the legend Dr. Eliud Kipchoge visited Koitaleel University college. The legend was received by the Administration led by the principal Prof G.K. Misoi, then he was taken round the departments to check on the progress of the university. They later hold a meeting, where they discussed on various issues and more so how the university and the legend could partner and take the University to the next level.

In the afternoon there was a series of athletic competition in the field, where the legend, Principal, staffs, subordinate staff and the students participated. Some of the events that took place were 100,1500 and 4x100 metres .it was really a fun day for the whole fraternity of Koitaleel Samoei university College.

After the events the principal and Dr. Eliud kipchoge addressed the students, where the legend advised them to work hard on their visions. He went ahead to tell them don’t study to get jobs but instead go for knowledge. He said that knowledge is like a third hand, He also gave them various laws and philosophies of life like the law of substitution.

it was one of a wonderful motivational speeches and students thank him so much for creating time for them and sharing such important pieces of advice.