Koitaleel Samoei University College

Koitaleel Samoei University College

KSUC Historical Background

The history of Koitaleel Samoei University College dates back to 2012/2014 when the idea to have a University situated in Nandi County named after the legendary leader Koitaleel Samoei was mooted.

A steering committee was constituted and a series of consultative meetings and workshops were held between the County Government of Nandi, the University of Nairobi, and the community to support the establishment of the University College in the County in line with the constitutional provisions.

The leaders from Nandi County requested His Excellency the fourth President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta to formally gazette the University College. On 12th June 2017, he graciously presided over with the then Deputy President Dr. William Samoei Ruto in the laying of the foundation stone at the proposed Main Campus at Nandi Hills.

The request was formalized by Legal Notice No. 117 of September 6, 2018, which established KSUC as a Constituent College of the University of Nairobi, and on 19th October 2018, the first University College Council was gazetted.

Named after the eponymous hero; Koitaleel Samoei

KSUC is named after the eponymous Nandi hero, Koitaleel Samoei who led an 11-year resistance against the railway construction by the British Colonialists. To end the resistance, a British Colonel, Richard Meinetzhagen, invited Koitaleel Samoei to negotiate a truce meeting after he led a rebellion against the colonial invasion of the Nandi.

However, it is reported that when Koitaleel Samoei stretched his hand with Meinertzhagen, he shot him dead at point-blank and his death ended the Nandi Resistance. Koitaleel has been immortalized as a national hero and a legendary leader in the Kalenjin Community and the society at large.

The University College has established two Campuses in Nandi County; namely, Nandi Hills which is located 15 km from Kapsabet, and the Mosoriot Campus which is located along the busy Eldoret – Kapsabet highway approximately 27 km from Eldoret town and 23 km from Kapsabet town.

The highway is well-tarmacked for easy accessibility to the institution. The University College sits on a 50-acre piece of prime arable land that was formally occupied by Mosoriot Teachers Training College. The setting of the
University College in the area provides a serene environment making it conducive for scholarly and academic work geared towards strengthening intellectual exchange towards achieving its core mandate of teaching and learning.

The University College collaborates with the community that has a wealth of
renowned athletes in promoting its niche in Sports Science Management such as the legendary athlete Eliud Kipchoge among others.

The University College envisages being “The premier University of Sports
Management Science” as it strives “To produce quality graduates through quality education, training, research and consultancy for social and economic development”.

KSUC neighbors Mosoriot Teachers Training College, the Kenya Medical Training College, and Mosoriot Market with whom KSUC collaborates closely in various engagements. The ecosystem in Nandi County is
favorable with sufficient rain throughout the year. The cool wet climate, complimented by the rich volcanic soils makes the region an ideal area for tea, maize, and dairy farming.

KSUC Strategic Plan 2019 – 2024
To guide the strategies of the University College into the future, a five-year Strategic Plan was developed. An intensive process that involved stakeholder participation and other players was undertaken.

The strategic focus holistically addresses the eight thematic pillars as;
i) Teaching and learning
ii) Research, innovation, and technology transfer
iii) Students Welfare
iv) Institutional development
v) Governance and leadership
vi) Financial resources
vii) Human resources
viii) Efficiency and effectiveness

To align the Strategic Plan with the changing realities in higher education and the community at large, a review was recommended since the plan had been under implementation for three years. In June 2022, a reviewed Strategic Plan was developed in cognizance of Kenya’s Vision 2030, the Millennium Development Goals/Sustainable Development Goals, the constitution, and other legal and policy documents. The review was built on the successes made and also identified the challenges encountered in the implementation of the first KSUC Strategic Plan 2019 -2024. This would also help in developing a new Strategic Plan for the next phase.

Academic Progression
On 5th February 2019, the University of Nairobi senate granted authority to KSUC to mount its first academic programmes. The University College mounted Bachelor of Education (Arts), Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, and Bachelor of Commerce. The first undergraduate students to enroll in the academic year 2019/2022 were 55 while the postgraduate studies enrolled were 16 students. The Programmes are housed in the School of Education and the School of Business Studies respectively. KSUC has grown in leaps and bounds in both infrastructural development and also in student and staff population. Currently, the student population has increased from 55 in 2019 to a total student enrolment of 1,031 in the academic year 2022/2023. The number is likely to double in the Academic Year 2023/2024.

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