Library services refer to the various services and resources provided by libraries to support the needs of their users. This can include instruction on how to access and use library materials.

The Library services/ facilities includes: Circulation Service, Reference Service, Online reservation of books, Recommendation of library material, Current Awareness Service, Inter library Loan Service, Photocopying / Printing Service, Orientation and Information Sessions, Selective Dissemination of Information, Audio Visual Service and Multimedia Section.

Circulation Services

This vital area of the library that facilitates the flow of information resources. Services and activities in the section include: loaning and discharging of library material, user advisory services, information literacy to all users, registration and clearance of staff and students, renewal of loans, charging overdue fines and orientation to library facilities to all new users.

Reference Service: 

This is personal assistance provided to users in pursuit of information. It covers direct services such as searching for information, providing directional guidance, helping in research, etc. and indirect services like selection and maintenance of reference material, preparation of guides and aids to the use of library material etc.

Online reservation of books: 

This is an online software that aid in reservation of information resources, Libraries benefit greatly from adding online booking forms to their website. These forms enable the client to book the diverse range of services and material which will preserve the central role of libraries in the future.

Current Awareness Services:

Its purpose is to inform the users about new acquisitions available in the library. KSUC Library use display racks and shelves to draw attention to recent additions. Its objective is to make available current information to those who need it, usually for current researcher and to sustain the interest of the library user in the services rendered by the library to make them lively and active readers for their benefits.

Inter library Loan Services: 

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is the cooperative arrangement among libraries that allows books and other materials from one library to be loaned out to a patron from another library The cooperation enables maximum utilization of the bibliographic collections of the participating institutions.

Selective Dissemination of Information:

SDI refers to tools and resources used to keep a user informed of new resources on specified topics, including the current-awareness services used to inform about new library acquisitions.

Audio Visual Service and Multimedia Section: Audio visual or AV communication brings together audio, visual and interactive media components designed to inform, motivate, persuade or simply entertain target audiences. It relies on stimulating the senses through multimedia for a more immersive and memorable experience compared to traditional static content.

Reprographic services:

The art or process of copying, printing, or reproducing printed material. It involves printing, photocopying and scanning. KSUC Library provide reprographic services at a cost.

Orientation and information sessions: 

The process of giving library clients training and information about new the department and situations. Orientation in the library is done to new users including: new teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students.

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