Patrick Partajeu Lenkishon is a 25 year old Second Year student at Koitaleel Samoei University College, pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Education Arts (History\Kiswahili).He is also a student’s Academic Representative. Patrick was born in Kajiado County to a polygamous family of 16.  At the age of 4, he joined the routine of looking after cattle, an economic practice among the Masaai community.

He later on, was convinced by his father to join his siblings in school despite his place of residence being less developed and far from school. At the age of 5, he enrolled in a nursery school where he always accompanied his siblings. Given his age and the long distance of walking between his home and school, Lenkishon found this very tasking and was later forced to drop out and embarked on being a herd’s boy. This went on for 8 years to the year 2007 when he was 13 years.

As a cultural identity, having an enormous number of livestock played a critical role in socio- cultural functions. However, having such status didn’t quite last as long as drought struck and wiped away all his father’s livestock. Lenkishon together with his family were very devastated of the fact that their family’s honor and cultural status had diminished. 

Nevertheless, Lenkishon took the transition decisively concerning his education and enrolled in a nursery school again at Entasopia Primary School at the age of 13 in 2007. Due to his age to be in a nursey class, he was promoted to class 1 .In first term his performance was impressive and his teachers considered that he should be promoted to class 2 in second term, the same year.

In the year 2014, he sat for KCPE but was not satisfied with the results. This gave him second thoughts of going back to the traditions of his community.  He was, however, encouraged by his friend, who, despite being deeply rooted to their traditions didn’t return to them but instead made a choice to soldier on with his studies. This inspired him and later decided to go back to school where he joined Lodariak Boy’s Secondary School for his o’levels.

In Lodariak, Lenkishon hardly portrayed the great qualities a student is expected to “I was very primitive and rude. I insisted on selecting the subjects I wanted to study while in form one, something that was to be done in form two. I also consistently failed to complete assignments that I was, at point, kicked out of class’’. He says.

Due to the indiscipline cases, he was forced to transfer to Muusini High School in Makueni County. He was compelled to repeat form one so as to improve on his performance and catch up for the time lost. In Muusini, he changed his approach towards learning. He was inspired by the previous school’s Student President and this contributed a lot in shaping his personality. In no time, he was rewarded for being the most disciplined student in school. This earned him immense respect among his peers and was later elected as the Games Representative in form two. He was later appointed the Vice Chairperson of the school and a Christian Union Chairperson. He represented Mavindini Sub-County at Bomas of Kenya during the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) forum for student leaders. He was, thereafter, elected as the School President.

During the holidays, he looked after his uncle’s cattle because he was the one paying his school fees. This, however, was unsettling for him as he wanted to participate in revision of school work just like other children from other communities. He, however, figured it out and eventually managed to utilize the break to interact with students from other schools and share experiences.

Consequently, the uncle could not continue paying for his schools fees posing a challenge to him. This did not take long as he soon earned another sponsor during an Annual General Meeting that offered to fund his fees for the remaining time on High School. Patrick worked hard, performed very well in his KCSE and secured admission at Koitaleel Samoei University College.

 In 2021 December, he successfully got a scholarship from Tata Magadi Company after emerging the best in a competitive interview that sought to support promising students from humble backgrounds. Lenkishon believes that success comes to those who embrace challenges knowing that one can benefit from hard work and being focused for it lays a solid foundation for success later in life. His current position offers him an opportunity to further his dreams and looks forward to a bright future in leadership and his career.