Election debates on session

Team Transformer before the onset of the Debate

Team Juice before the onset of the Debate session












The Koitaleel Samoei University College Student Election Campaigns hit its climax during the highly contested Debate between the two teams of Aspirants -Team Juice and Team Transformer held on15th March 2021 Monday evening.

Both teams, led by the respective aspiring Chairpersons Carias Osano and Amos Sigei, stated their manifestos and plans to students and persuaded them to vote their teams to get into office.

While speaking during his campaign speech to fellow comrades, Amos Sigei urged students to vote for them on the basis of the leadership qualities being portrayed by his team.

“We understand that this institution is built on the legacy of a man who was not afraid to lay his life down on behalf of the people he represented,” the Chairperson Aspirant said, “As a team, we will not be afraid to champion for what is right in order to ensure that Koitaleel Samoei University College moves forward in progressive transformation.”

Carias Osano persuaded his fellow students to vote in a team of new and revolutionary leaders who will bring a positive change in to the university system.

“I welcome all comrades to Join Us In Creating Expansion in order to ensure that the voice of every student is heard equally. The time has come for this institution to grow to its full potential on the national and international level. We are the team that will bring this vision to fulfillment” Carias said.

Aspirants of all other positions from both teams also gave hearty appeals to the students as they responded to questions from the moderators, students and members of opposing teams.

The Debate was very engaging as the teams traded arguments and ideas in equal measure. The responses made by the aspirants could prove pivotal to the voters’ decision come election day on Friday, March 19th. As it stands, it is still anyone’s election to win as the voice of the comrades will be heard on the ballot.

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