Elections preparation for Student Council at Koitaleel Samoei 
University College

               Student receiving  a nomination paper











The election period for Koitaleel Samoei University College elections was officially launched by the Dean of Students, Mr. Paul Ejore on Wednesday, 4th March 2021 during the student voter sensitization forum.
While addressing students during the meeting, Mr. Ejore urged them to participate in numbers through vying and voting for the Student Governing Council positions.

“This is a historic moment for the university as you exercise your democratic rights as students.” The Dean said “As an administration we are fully supporting you to ensure you understand the entire process as well as the importance of your roles by participating in the elections.”

He also announced that the campaign period would kick off on Wednesday, 10th March 2021.

Dr. Agumba, a lecturer and a facilitator of session emphasized on the need to observe the rules and regulations of the election process.

“As an administration, we are keen to ensure that the election will be free and fair and free from any form of discrimination, corruption or theft. The voice of the students will be heard and the leaders that you elect are the ones that will represent you.” Dr. Agumba said.

He also read the requirements to the voters and prospective candidates from the university amendment act, the draft constitution for Koitaleel Samoei University College as well as the electoral code of conduct.

The elections will take place on 19th March, 2021.

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