Mr. Reuben Sang, is a staff at Koitaleel Samoei University College, serves at the Registrar administration office as the Office Assistant. His daily responsibilities are receiving and dispatching documents to various offices, checking the university mail, confirming with the post office for any communication from the ministry of education and other outside clients and also welcoming and directing visitors to their desired office destinations.

Born and raised in Nandi, Sang comes from a family of three as the firstborn and now 32 years of age. After his high school education at Henry Kosgei Secondary School, he joined Ol’Lessos Technical Training Institute and did a diploma in Purchasing and Supplies for two years. Cleared and he headed to Nairobi to seek for a job, where he was able to secured a position at SGR as a casual worker. With the help of his friends, he landed on a casual job at Koitaleel Samoei University College, Fortunate enough he later secured his current position as an office assistant after having presented his papers to the management. He still awaits other opportunities that is in line with his area of study. Reuben Sang has however managed to perform his duties with positive energies and with a purpose to deliver the best.

Apart from working at the institution, he has enrolled as a student in the School of Business pursuing a course leading to a degree in Bachelor of Commerce, currently a second year. He balances his academics and work by attending his classes during the weekends and especially in the evenings.  Though challenging, he wakes up early and sleeps late because of a purpose and a goal to perform in class and at his work. Encouragingly, he receives full support from colleagues and the lecturers, and also wishes that the institution would offer to set up a fund for his fellow staff who want to pursue and further their education.

From his understanding of who an office assistant is and the roles played, Sang describes such a position as one that has a connection to the Public Relations Office and has a key role in creating and sustaining the brand, image and reputation of the institution. This is achieved through one conducting themselves in a professional manner , performing tasks in time, responding to clients in a warmly way, ensuring that the office files are up to date and that all documents are attended to. Sang couples up his work with computer skills that have enabled him navigate without much straining.

Challenges are a part of any work set up and for Sang, his office handles very delicate information hence caution is observed to avoid information leakages, but his competency skills have helped him solve and ensure information goes through the  right channels. His interaction with colleagues from diverse cultures has been a point of learning for him on how to handle clients. His simplicity and composure has enabled him build good working connections.

He is optimistic and looking forward to doing his masters at KSUC. He is certain and positive about the future that is now getting clearer and brighter for him. His encouragement to the young people is for them not to lose hope in life but be consistent, embrace teamwork, have passion for what they do and always purpose to grow.