The first issue of KSUC Magazine is out!

In this first issue of THE GEM IN THE HILLS OF NANDI, We introduce the College Management Board with messages from the Chairman of University College Council and the Ag. Principal who briefly describe the past, the present and the future of KSUC. We have values that we believe in and guide our day to day activitities. This shall guide us in the mission to achieve our vision of nurturing talent for sustainable development.

We shall then take you through the journey to the first public university in Nandi County from both the beautiful south and the promising north through the lovely physical features, hospitality  facilities and transport systems all the way to the door step of the gem; Koitaleel Samoei University College.

We shall usher you in through various features of the college all the way from the gate to the expansive sporting fields. Be sure to catch various administrative offices, the reliable and very well-equipped Library and the modern ICT infrastructure that ensures our staff and students have access to the most current learning and working materials. KSUC, having identified Sports Science and Management as its niche, we shall take you through our sports facilities and the activities that are building up towards the achievement of being an international powerhouse in sports science and management.

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