It was an all-night of praise, worship and prayer as Koitaleel Samoei University College hosted Mosoriot KMTC and Mosoriot TTC for a Night Kesha on December 3rd, 2021. Neighboring community churches including J.P.C church, Mosoriot and Deliverance church were among the congregants who united with the students in the service. The service came at a time when the number of young people in Mosoriot keep growing due to growing institutions of learning in the town

Themed “How to avoid falling, how the mighty have fallen” , the sermon by Pastor Atua David from Deliverance Church Mosoriot encouraged youth on how they can lead purposeful lives that is guided by principal and the word of God. He emphasized on ways that help a young person grow spiritually, mentally, intellectually while enjoying the fullness that has to offer.

“You can be through with your studies at university level but still, you can fall. Always be strong and avoid anything that can make you fall” underlined the Pastor.

The event also gave a platform to those present to showcase their talents through the presentations, which served as entertainment and for teaching purposes. Dancing, singing and reciting were among items that were presented.

The student body hopes for such events as it presents them with a chance to display their talents as well as nourish their spiritual lives.

By Edison Rotich and Doreen Mutenyo