KSUC Principal, Prof. Gideon K. Misoi having an online meeting with Tampere
University representatives

 Koitaleel Samoei University College (KSUC) Ag. Principal Prof. Gideon K. Misoi hosted a virtual meeting on Thursday, 25th February with staff representatives of Tampere University of Applied   Sciences in Finland. The meeting was centered on progressive partnership strategies between the two universities.

 Prof. Misoi emphasized that collaboration with Tampere University was helpful towards attaining the objectives and goals of the university with focus on the niche’ of KSUC.
 “Our combined efforts will work well for the advancement of educational impact  both within the country and on the entire globe,” Prof. Misoi said, “We also have a lot we can learn from each other     that  is important for the growth of individual sport talents and skills.”
 The Principal also did a presentation of the KSUC progress and history and presented a Memorandum of Understanding that can be applied between KSUC and Tampere University.
 Tampere University Customer Relations Manager, Peter Perttula mentioned they are excited to partner with KSUC.
 “We look forward to the development of our relationship into the position where we can host summer camp programs among other progressive plans.” Peter said.

 This was the second meeting between KSUC and Tampere following their previous visit to the university in 2020. Koitaleel Samoei University College places great focus on international and local   partnerships with like-minded investors and educational institutions in its pursuit towards being a premier university nurturing talent for sustainable development.


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