Peace is the path we take for bringing growth and prosperity to society. If we do not have peace and harmony, achieving political strength, economic stability, cultural growth as well as education will be impossible. Moreover, before we transmit the notion of peace to others, it is vital for us to possess peace within. It is not a certain individual’s responsibility to maintain peace but everyone’s duty. The youth are the majority in our country and yearn for meaningful peace as we move closer to the launched 3rd National Students’ Convention, Peace and Election making the road map for every individual and our institution as well to enhance peace building. When we all participate in peace making, we all feel safe and secure. It’s our call as youths in these institution and in Kenya at large to stay strong, capable and determined to make a difference. Success is dependent on having everyone on board. Let’s be determined to initiate peace and harmony every moment even as we had to the August polls.

Violence around the time of elections is common in Kenya. Ethnic divisions flare up as politicians exploit rivalries for increased votes and influence. This often results in destruction and death, largely affecting young people who are labelled as perpetrators, not victims. History has been proof of the wars which have taken place in our country. The vulnerability of youth is always an issue that comes up several times, particularly as it related to the threat of violence during the elections. Other issues discussed at length include: inequality manifested through tribalism or ethnicity. Political intolerance, hate speech, and cyber bullying are also discussed, particularly through the lens of lack of information or misinformation in the media and society at large. There are also in-depth discussions about the contrast between freedom of speech and preventing hate speech and how this applies to the society and the role in maintaining peace. Corruption is a main topic, as so deeply rooted in Kenya’s political system that it has created an expectation that “handouts are the best way to go,” which in turn fuels political loyalty and willingness to perpetuate violence. This spiraled into the role of state institutions with a mandate to ensure peace and their effectiveness in doing so.

Thus, we’ve learned that peace played an important role in ending these wars or even preventing some of them. It is our responsibility as youths to team up and make great ambassadors of peace progress. Let us speak, embrace, and walk with peace because with peace we can have prosperity as an institution and as a nation. Let’s make Koitaleel Samoei University College an attractive and admirable place. We must wear the badge and defend the little peace we have around. As youths we need to stand in solidarity and lead the path of peace and be the deacons of light in our own institution and country. Peace is a prerequisites for development. Our efforts are geared towards maintaining a peaceful environment for our learning and conducive for the economy. This is therefore a call to all youths to be champions of peace in the capacity they hold in their various universities.

As leaders, we are keen on matters youth representation and engagement in leadership. Therefore, we urge the youths to be ambassadors of peace before and even after the election. We have been thinking of how we can promote peace in Koitaleel Samoei University and we were able to come up with various ways in which we can propel and safeguard peace in our environment. Negotiations so that we have a peace zone is a key factor to embrace. Peace Zones are community/institutional-based, people-led initiatives in local geographical areas which in our case, students can declare to be off- limits to conflicts primarily to protect others, livelihood and property. A place or people that reminds us of the importance and need to invest in acts that promote peace and co-existence and the need to maintain it no matter the chaos that surrounds us. Furthermore, youths can be peace ambassadors. This is group of trainees, trainers and educators specialized in human rights, conflict-transformation and peacebuilding education. Their job is to educate future peacebuilders by organizing trainings in KSUC and the community as well. Being a peace ambassador starts with an individual. It’s being able to drive yourself to represent peace whether walking, talking and being a champion who enhances and initiates more people in creating peace around hence becoming a more active person who takes action against bad things such as extremism, racism, homophobia and whatever dictators do…

Presence of Peace objects or symbols can also propel peace building. Should we have objects that will be able to act as symbols for peace, then they can remind us of acting in peace when we spot them.

Peace, therefore, is our natural instinct and if we wish to construct a peaceful KSUC environment, then all we’ve got to do, is let it manifest in our lives. Paradise is called so not just because it is believed to be a place of scenic beauty but also a place where the divine virtues of love and peace prevail. My encouragement to all youths especially Koitaleel Samoei university students; Let us not compromise peace even as we look forward to elections. Let peace prevail in and out of the campus even as we continue with our normal businesses. Agree not to be cheated by anybody to cause chaos and intimidate others but promote a peaceful environment.

By; Mutenyo Doreen, Vice President.