Koitaleel Samoei University College has successfully admitted the third Cohort of first-year students. The admission process that kicked off on 20th of September 2021 has seen at least 300 first-year students secure slots for the Academic Year 2021/2022.

The orientation programme kicked off during the week, which aided the students in understanding and adjusting to the nature and culture of the university. The programme aimed at introducing the students to processes and procedures in the University. It also served as an opportunity for both the academic administrative staff of the University to interact with the new students. The students also had an opportunity to acclimatize themselves with facilities and amenities available within the campus such as the lecture halls, library, ICT services, accommodation, chaplaincy security, catering, and sports and games.

The Directors of Schools of Business and Education; Prof. Josephat Lishenga and Dr Jepchumba Choge, respectively, together with Heads of Departments and lecturers addressed the students on various programmes. They emphasized the need for academic discipline and focus on learning and extra-curricular activities. They also encouraged the students to be creative and innovative as they get exposed to world-class learning in KSUC.

Teaching and learning is the core business of Educational Institutions. However, students’ welfare is an essential aspect that has a direct impact on the students’ performance. In his address, the Dean of Students Dr Paul Ejore detailed the roles of his office. He further urged the students to uphold a high level of discipline and inculcate the KSUC’s core values that promote teamwork, responsiveness, excellence, courage, resilience, justice and fairness.

The comprehensive programme aimed at informing the students on the vital welfare matters in conjunction with other departments such as health, accommodation, sports and games among others. The heads of these sections elucidated their functions and encouraged the students to embrace individual balanced development in the social context and promoting well- being of the institution.

The ICT and Library Departments had the responsibility of taking the first years through training on blended learning and registration, this aimed to inform the students on how to use virtual platforms for learning and accessing university services.

The highlight of the orientation programme was the Principals’ address. In his speech, the acting Principal Prof. Jackson Too emphasized the need for academic and non-academic excellence since the institution is committed to nurturing talent for sustainable development. He encouraged students to the KSUC culture that was adopted from the Hero, Koitaleel Araap Samoei who fought for freedom and valued fairness. He assured the students of the university council and the Managements’ commitment to offering quality education in a conducive and serene environment for learning.

The University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor is set to address the freshmen on Friday, October 8th of 2021.