Kapsabet Cycling Club, formed at the wake of Covid-19 to keep members healthy and increase their fitness levels, dedicated their 4th Cycling Festival to planting 400 indigenous trees in Koitaleel Samoei University College Arboretum in Nandi-Hills Campus. The 33 cyclists, drawn from different parts of the country, converged in Kapsabet town for a 45km-ride in the expansive lush green tea estates of Nandi Hills.

They braved the gravel and the elevations in a mission to ensure that their contribution in conserving the environment is well done to satisfaction.

The team led by the Captain Michael Kibet appreciated the University for accepting their offer to donate and plant the trees in the Arboretum.

The University Public Relations Officer, Mr. Kipsaro Boit, on behalf of the University appreciated the cyclists for sweating up the hills to be part of history of the University.

Kapsabet Cycling Club have a monthly cycling festival dedicated to various themes for community service.