KSUC senior staff engaging with Key Stakeholders.

The Koitaleel Samoei University College leadership has committed to engaging the stakeholders in preparation for the 2021/2022 Academic year that is set to commence in September. Among these stakeholders are the County Government of Nandi, investors in real estate and hospitality industry and National Government Security organs. The stakeholders play a key role in ensuring that all the necessary services needed by staff and students are availed in desirable state.

The Principal, Prof. Jackson Too commissioned a team of administrative staff to assess the accommodation situation for the next academic year as opening draws near. This follows the projection of admission of more than 500 students set to join the University in August. The team led by the Dean of Students, Mr. Paul Ejore has been scouting around Mosoriot town and the neighboring shopping centers to assess the infrastructural conditions and availability of housing units.

In the interim report, the Dean exudes confidence on availability of accommodation in good condition. He, however pointed out the need for concerted efforts of the community and the County Government of Nandi to enhance critical infrastructural development in Mosoriot and its environs. This was well-received by the County Government that has committed to improving the road network, installation of street lights and enhancement of solid waste management in due course.

The Sub-County Security Committee on the other hand committed to partner with the University and the Community to ensure safety of staff and students. Speaking during a consultative meeting with the University Management, the Chesumei Sub-County Deputy Commissioner, Ms. Diana Wekesa guaranteed support to the University security systems by ensuring sufficient presence of national security teams in areas of interest in Mosoriot and its vicinity. She urged the students and residents of Mosoriot town to cooperate with state security agencies in enhancing security by pro-actively providing information in case of any signs of insecurity.

The Principal, Prof. Jackson Too reiterates that the university shall continuously engage stakeholders for common prosperity and growth in all areas of convergence.