Prof. Gideon K. Misoi
Principal KSUC

Prof. G. K. Misoi is a holder of a BSc. Engineering and a Ph.D from the University of Nairobi. He is a member of The Kenya Engineers Board and a recipient of a Presidential Award, OGW (1994) and the University of Nairobi Staff Merit Award (2002). He has a wealth of experience in both Academic and Industrial sectors. His Administrative appointments includes; Managing Director NCPB (6 years), Receiver Manager KCC (3 years), Director Savings and Loan (KCB group) (19 years), Director NMC (14 years), Head of Scientific Advisory Team (D.o.D) (10 years) Head of Mechanical Engineering Department (6 years), Director of Research, School of Engineering U.o.N (10 years) and Membership of several National Committees and Task forces. His Academic experience spans over a period of more than three decades (1983 to date) and includes; Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering (U.o.N), Adjunct Professor (KU), External Examiner (Universities of Daresalaam, Moi University and Kenyatta University). He has carried out Research in diverse areas both locally and abroad (research at the University of Cambridge during his Ph.D Course). He has attended various management seminars and has published both in local and international Journals. He has also served as a member of the Board of Governers in various training institutions.

The Principal's Contacts:

Physical Address: Mosoriot
Postal Address: P.O Box P.O BOX 5, 30307, Mosoriot
Telephone Number: +254 0204915304