The Department of Sports is located in the Administration Tower and is next to the Dean of Students’ Office. Considering its commencement, in 2018, the Department has grown remarkably due to increased number of students’ participation in sports both at a recreational and competitive level. The campus thus encourages student to get involved as extra-curricular activities are essential for overall human mental and physical development, releasing different forms of pressure in the world of academics.

The Department is headed by a Games Coach. Cooperatively, with the Games Tutor, they play a vital role in coaching, teaching relevant techniques and skills, administering and supervising students’ sports activities, monitoring and enhancing performance by providing efficient and quality training, encouragement and constructive feedback. Alongside the team, is the students’ sports and games representative, who in wholly   are committed in identifying and nurturing the sports talents leading to exemplary performances.

From the main walk way to the administration, far left behind the Chapel, stands out a vast sporting field that hosts the football (Lions Football club), handball and hockey pitches. There’s also a basketball Court. These grounds provide the participants with the ability to engage in physical exercise, partake in competitions or witness sporting events. The campus does not charge any fee to the sporting community for using its sporting facilities except for the maintenance of the fields only when necessary.

The Sports Department offers a wide variety of sporting activities for both male and female. These includes, football, hockey, rugby, volleyball, handball, basketball, athletics, and netball. At competitive level, the campus accords students an opportunity to travel widely to compete at inter-university sports, or tournaments organized either at local or national level.

KSUC has identified Sports as its Niche and has taken the opportunity to nurture talent for sustainable development. The KSUC logo captures an Athlete on the right side that marks the source of world champions that have consistently placed the nation at the top. Under the leadership of the skilled personnel, the Lions KSUC football club has played in tournaments up to county League. The institution has been in participation of the KUSA Athletics games where they emerged triumphant, and also was able to host the Kenya Central rift for the 2nd Cross Country.

 Being the niche of the University, the institution intends to develop courses on Sport science management. This aims in availing opportunities to the students and the sporting community and as a means to attract worldwide students. In addition, in partnership with the Ministry of sports the institution also aims to introduce Traditional Games.

The department aims to Increase student participation rates on sports by at least 20 per cent per annum and to surpass the highest level of competition attained in the previous year.