Dean of students and Students Leaders

Student welfare services.

The Office of the Dean of Students is the central point of coordination for students’ welfare from entry to graduation. University life, marks the beginning of one’s career and it requires one to make sound mental, physical and emotional adjustment. In the event of an urgent need or concern, however large or small, students can visit the office of the Dean of Students or Chaplain. These are all professionals readily available to provide assistance or direct the students to the appropriate resource persons.

The Office of the Dean of Students, sponsors programmes throughout the academic year. It also encourages and supports students’ organizations in the development and implementation of programmes to meet students’ needs.

The University College provides accommodation to its students. There is limited on-campus accommodation however, the University College has reached out to third parties and investors who have set up rentals so as to ensure that there is enough accommodation for all students. The University College staff ensure that these rentals meet standards that would be appealing to the students so that they are comfortable living in these rooms. Students are therefore assured that adequate and affordable accommodation awaits them on joining the University College.

The University College recognizes the need for services of a spiritual nature. For this reason, the University College has a chaplaincy. Headed by a religious leader, the chaplaincy offers general support and guidance while drawing attention to the spiritual values within the various faiths. Chaplaincy services are open to the entire University Community regardless of faith, gender, tribe and race. Some of these services and activities include; guidance, conducting religious ceremonies for instance; weddings, baptisms, burials, conducting regular worship services at the University. Students can therefore be assured that all their spiritual needs will be taken care of, if they become part of the University College community.

On matters health, there is a clinic facility that was set up and it offers free outpatient services to the student community. The clinic provides treatment for illness, injuries and health maintenance. For acute diseases, treatment shall be sought at major public hospitals. The school ambulance is always available for use in such incidences and also in cases of late hour emergencies, since the facility is operational from 8a.m to 5p.m. student health is a priority to the University College, the University College is therefore assured that their health concerns will be well taken care of.

Students are encouraged to enhance their emotional growth and development through counselling. For this holistic development, the office of the Dean of Students in conjunction with the Chaplain offers counselling and support services to enhance emotional, behavioural and spiritual well-being. Students who want to build their strengths or are experiencing difficulties or worries are encouraged to seek the necessary assistance through this office.