Travelling South to Mosoriot Campus

 Travelling from Eldoret town exposes one to a number of hotels such as The Riverside Hotel, Boma   Inn, Queens Garden, Ndupawa and Starbucks just to mention but a few. The road has a number of   recreational facilities and plays a key role in hosting major events in Eldoret town. Events to look out   for include the Kass Marathon that starts in Kapsabet and ends in Eldoret. Eldoret City Marathon   among other sporting events have severally been held in Eldoret Sports Club, barely a Kilometer   from Eldoret CBD. Being the route to the airport, a lot of investors have traded focus on hospitality   industry offering a variety of options for accommodation, conference and recreational facilities.

 One would not miss to catch the view of the by-pass as you exit the town that has recently been ranked as among fastest growing towns in Kenya. The by-pass seek to decongest the traffic that sometime slows down movement in the Central Business District. This comes a few kilometers before the Eldoret International Airport which connects the larger Rift Valley and Western Kenya regions to world. The airport has reliable and affordable flight schedules that takes 45 minutes from Jomo Kenyatta International and Wilson Airports in Nairobi.

A few kilometers from the airport takes you to Tiret Resort that offers exotic and classy camping experience with a number of fun activities such as nature walks, zip-lining, horse-riding, archery and team-building activities at competitive rates. Down the Kipkaren River comes a natural and breathtaking Chepkiit Water Falls that offers peace at the sound of fall and rumbles of water. All these sites are the hidden treasures right beside your trip to Koitaleel Samoei University College, Mosoriot Campus. Their natural peace, access and proximity to the Mosoriot Campus makes them worthy sites to visit at any given time.

Mosoriot town is among the fastest growing towns in Nandi County due to its strategic location. It has a major junction along Eldoret-Kapsabet road. The establishment of Koitaleel Samoei University College, Mosoriot Campus has excited the economy and the population is growing steadily. Businesses have directly been positively impacted due to the rising population with small scale traders experiencing an upward trend despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Real estate industry is booming with the value of land rising steadily. Mosoriot offers a great business location due to its central nature between Kapsabet and Eldoret towns. Kabiyet and Moi University (Kesses) can also be easily accessed due to the good road networking connecting the town to these important destinations.

Koitaleel Samoei University College is at the outskirts of Mosoriot Town. The magnificent entrance along Eldoret-Kapsabet road, right opposite the Kenya Medical Training College, Mosoriot Campus, ushers you in to a friendly environment with staff l are more than ready to welcome and attend to any visitor to the College.