vice chancellor Prof. S. Kiama, KSUC chairman of the Council Prof. Ngala, Ag. Principal Prof G.K.Misoi and students dance to the Jerusalema Dance.

It was a joyful day for Koitaleel Samoei University College  fraternity to host the Vice Chancellor of the university of Nairobi Prof. S. Kiama.The Vice Chancellor arrived early where he undertook a lead on verious activities.He began by having a brief meeting with Principal and Administration then he holds another meeting with the academic staff.where he spoke on a number of issues concerning the standards and quality of education offered at KSUC.He also called upon all the the staff to serve with deligence and give the best to our students and the community.

He was later taken round the university to inspects on various developments,where he visited among them ;the university library,ICT labaratory and university clinic.He was so impressed to see the progress and he also applauded the management for following COVID protocols.

In the mid morning he addressed the first years second cohort, he encourage them to focus on achieving their ambitions at Koitaleel Samoei University college, where the University of Nairobi is the mentoring university.He added by saying" No one gets lost when he is not going anywhere".