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Koitaleel Samoei University College

Library Sections

A library is an establishment that allows its members and those of affiliated institutions to utilize its collection of books and maybe other materials and media.

The KSUC Library offers digital (soft copies) and physical (hard copies) resources. It can be a physical site, a virtual environment, or both.

It has multiple sections, including the following:

Circulation Section

This is a section in the library that provides circulation of documents to the users of the library. This section acts as a bridge between users and books. The following tasks are performed by this section: Location, virtual space, or both

  • Membership Registration.
  • Issue/Return.
  • Reserve/Renewal.
  • Overdue fine Collection

Alert services such as overdue, collect notice, etc

E-Library Section

This section enables clients to have access to e-resources from authorized databases to which the university has subscribed. Referencing and research tools are also available. It is located on the ground floor of the building.

Reserve Section

This section houses books, which are in demand and limited in copies. Also, in-process books and newly acquired books. It adopts the “close shelf system”.

Technical Section

This section is at Ground Floor and is responsible for processing procured information resources and acts as a bridge between the Acquisition and Circulation Sections. This section classifies the documents, catalogs them, and finally sends these books for display in the New Arrivals Display area for 7 days. After one week, the displayed documents are then placed on the bookshelves.

Reference Section

This section houses a collection of extensive general reference materials, which are intended to be consulted for a particular question or query, rather than read thoroughly. Collections include Dictionaries, encyclopedias, Yearbooks, AND Almanacs.

Periodical section

This section is on the Ground Floor and is responsible for procurement of magazines and print journals. The following tasks are performed by this section: Magazine Subscription, Bound Volume Management

Archive Section

This is a section that houses materials of a historical nature. records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people. Materials preserved includes:-manuscripts, letters, photographs, magazines, and newspapers

Acquisition section

This section is situated on the Ground Floor and is mainly responsible for the acquisition of books. This section procures the documents by the following process:
At first, the library collects the recommendations from faculty members reviewed by the HOD of different departments. Based on the recommendation, the library interacts and places orders with selected vendors. Once the books are accessioned it is transferred to the Technical Processing Section for cataloging, classification and RFID tagging in the database.

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